Write Less and Do More with jQuery

  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course
  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course
  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course
  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course
  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course
  • Write Less and Do More with jQuery, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, providing powerful functionality for everything from animation and interactivity to data-handling with JSON and AJAX. jQuery has set the standard to which all other JavaScript frameworks are compared. This VTC course will take you from the basics all the way through jQuery's most advanced features. You will create your own code through dozens of projects and even learn to create your own jQuery plugins.

Learn to write less and do more with jQuery.

- Learn how jQuery plays a part in web or mobile development
- Know how you can apply jQuery into your projects
- Understand the programming language of jQuery
- Be able to create your own codes after learning about jQuery

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to jQuery 
2. Able to create a basic project using jQuery 
3. Know the different plugins in jQuery 
4. Able to create menu plugins with jQuery 
5. Know how to technique such as - apply images, forms and widgets

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What You Will Need

What This Course Will Cover

Getting Started

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Your First jQuery Script

Selecting Elements

Manipulating Elements

Getting Attributes

Handling Events

Creating a Form Field Highlighter Plugin


Setting Up for Plugin Development

Creating the HTML and CSS

Manipulating CSS with Mouse Events

Allowing Users to Customize

Beyond the Basics


Callback Functions

Chaining Commands

Animation pt. 1

Animation pt. 2


Ajax Basics


Binding and Namespaces

Live and Die

jQuery Utilities pt. 1

jQuery Utilities pt. 2

jQuery Utilities pt. 3

A Real World Example pt. 1

A Real World Example pt. 2

Creating a Menu Plugin


Traversing the DOM

Setting Up the Menu Plugin

The Menu CSS

Coding the Menu Plugin

Customizing the Menu Plugin

jQuery Validation Plugin


Installing jQuery Validation

Creating the Validation Form

Validation Rules

Validation Messages

Validation Options

Custom Validation Methods

The Fancybox Plugin


Introducing Fancybox

Animation Options

Gallery with Fancybox

Other Fancybox Examples

Other Popular Plugins pt. 1

Other Popular Plugins pt. 2



Browser History and JQuery

Introducing jQuery Address

Accessibility WAI-ARIA

Accessibility Section 508

Accessibility Tools

Accessible Plugins

Selectors in Detail


Sizzle Selector Engine

Selectors pt. 1

Selectors pt. 2

Selectors pt. 3

Selectors pt. 4

Handling Forms with AJAX


Creating the Contact Form

Processing the Contact Form

Validating the Contact Form

Processing the Response

jQuery Image Gallery


Introducing Codeigniter

Creating a Database

Creating the Data Models

Creating the Controller

Creating the View

Creating the Admin Form

Complete Guide to Manipulation


Manipulation pt. 1

Manipulation pt. 2

Manipulation pt. 3

jQuery UI Widgets and Utilities


jQuery UI Overview

UI Themes

Accordion Widget


Dialog Widget

Progress Bar




Button Widget

jQuery UI CSS Reference pt. 1

jQuery UI CSS Reference pt. 2

Themeroller in Action

jQuery UI Interactions and Effects


Drag and Drop




Color Transitions

Toggle/Switch Class

Add/Remove Class




jQuery Mobile


About jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile Components pt. 1

jQuery Mobile Components pt. 2

jQuery Mobile Theming

jQuery Mobile Events

jQuery Mobile Methods and Utilities

Configuring jQuery Mobile Defaults

Where to Go from Here


jQuery Resources

jQuery Tools

jQuery and Beyond


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



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