Mastering Office 365 (2018)

Mastering Office 365 (2018), Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Learn To Organize And Maintain Your Virtual Office Using Microsoft 365: The Powerful, Everything-You-Need-In-One-Easy-Bundle Online Suite
Office 365 is far more than classic Microsoft Office. Easy, collaborative tools like OneDrive, Teams, Planner, and Forms combine with traditional Microsoft apps to form a powerful productivity-boosting tool – and in this course we’ll show you how to tap into all the power Office 365 has to offer!
Updated for 2018 with all-new modules covering Microsoft Teams, Forms, To-Do, Stream, and Delve, with updates for Outlook online, navigation, Planner, and more – over 20 new and updated video lessons!

Course Objectives

• Discuss the benefits of Office 365
• Describe the use of Teams, Groups, Planner, OneDrive, and Skype for Business
• List at least six mobile apps which work with Office 365

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Mastering Office 365 (2018)

Mastering Office 365 (2018)

01: Introduction
02: Office 365 Home Page
03: Office 365 Navigation Bar
04: Outlook Email Basics part 1
05: Outlook Email Basics part 2
06: Search and Folders
07: Categories and Mentions
08: Focused Inbox, Sweep, and Clutter
09: Email Archive
10: Tasks and Flags
11: Calendar Basics, Part 1
12: Calendar Basics, Part 2
13: Calendar Search and Print
14: People
15: Adding and Sharing Calendars
16: Delegate Access
17: Intro to OneDrive
18: Using OneDrive Online, Part 1
19: Using OneDrive Online, Part 2
20: Using OneDrive Office Apps
21: Using the OneDrive Sync Tool
22: Sharing and Co-Authoring
23: Stop Sharing
24: Versioning and Recycle Bin
25: Office Apps, Part 1
26: Office Apps, Part 2
27: Mobile Apps
28: Lens
29: Working Offline
30: Intro to Skype for Business
31: Using the Skype App
32: Using Skype for Business Online
33: Intro to Groups
34: Calendar and Conversations
35: Group File Sharing and Notebook
36: Group Connectors
37: Managing Groups
38: Groups Mobile App
39: Intro to Planner
40: Working with Cards
41: Working with Buckets
42: Managing My Plans
43: Planner Updates
44: Intro to SharePoint
45: Creating a Team Site
46: Communication Sites
47: Adding Pages
48: Teams – Teams and Channels
49: Teams – Chat and Meetings
50: Teams – Best Practices, Teams and Channels
51: Teams – Best Practices, Notifications and Chat
52: Teams – Best Practices, Files and Meetings
53: Rules and Policies, Part 1
54: Rules and Policies, Part 2
55: Signatures and Replies
56: Advanced Email Settings
57: Yammer
58: App Store
59: Other Apps
60: Azure, PowerApps, and Flow
61: FindTime
62: Microsoft ToDo
63: Microsoft Forms Basics
64: Microsoft Forms – Quizzes
65: Delve and My Analytics
66: Stream
67: Administering Users and Subscriptions
68: Basic Email Administration
69: Security Compliance and Trust
70: Getting Help

SGD $62.50
(Price excludes GST)
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