Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Deep Dive

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Deep Dive, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

This training is focused on preparing IT professionals in Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 foundations and providing uses cases with demos. It will introduce you to the need for Blockchain applications, use cases, and about Hyperledger Fabric, which is the open source framework for developing Blockchain applications and solutions with a modular architecture.

Course Objectives

• Learn about Hyperledger Fabric 1.1 foundations
• Learn about Blockchain applications

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Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Deep Dive


Course Trailer

1 Course Introduction

2 History of Blockchain

3 Blockchain Basics

4 Ledger Basics

5 Key Components

6 Blockchain Architecture

7 Trust or Trustless

8 Blockchain Consensus

9 Demo - Hashing

10 Demo - BTC Blockchain Explorer

11 Whiteboard - Blockchain Transactions

12 Blockchain Basics Review Questions

Hyperledger Project Overview

13 What is Hyperledger?

14 Hyperledger Project Overview

15 Hyperledger Portfolio Overview

16 Hyperledger Fabric Features

17 Comparing Hyperledger to Other Blockchains

Hyperledger Fabric Overview

18 Whiteboard -Hyperledger Fabric Overview

19 Hyperledger Terminology

20 Hyperledger Fabric Design

21 Hyperledger Fabric Nodes and Peers

22 Whiteboard - Hyperledger Fabric Node and Peers

23 Hyperledger Fabric MSP and CA

24 Hyperledger Fabric Transactions

25 Whiteboard - Fabric Transactions

26 Hyperledger Fabric Ledger Options

27 Whiteboard- Ledger Query

28 Hyperledger Fabric Consensus

29 Transactions Per Second (TP)

30 Chaincode

Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

31 Demo - IBM BaaS

32 Demo - AWS Blockchain Options

33 Demo- IBM Blockchain Options

34 Demo - AWS Blockchain Demo

35 Blockchain As A Service Options

Hyperledger Fabric Use Case and Value

36 Hyperledger Advantages and Use Cases

37 Hyperledger Channels

38 Demo- Channels IBM Blockchain

Hyperledger Fabric Development

39 Hyperledger Development

40 Hyperledger Fabric Composer

41 Hyperledger Fabric Composer Playground

42 Demo - Composer Playground

43 Demo - IBM Cloud Tool Chain

44 Demo - Deploy Marbles Applications

45 Demo - Swagger (Open API)

46 Rest API Services

47 Whiteboard - Development Overview

48 AWS Templates

49 Whiteboard - Composer Modeling

50 Whiteboard - Composer Lifecycle

Additional Resources

51 Hyperledger Certifications

52 Blockchain Roles

53 Hyperledger Github

54 Hyperledger Wiki

55 Hyperledger.org

56 Course Closeout

SGD $20.00
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