Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course, MOS)

  • Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course, MOS), Singapore elarning online course
  • Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course, MOS), Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

From Time-Waster to Productivity Booster: Change the Way You Use Microsoft Outlook
Few things have greater impact on your productivity than the way you employ Outlook. Too many people waste time on unnecessary tasks that could be either managed automatically or handled in a fraction of the time – if the Outlook user just knew how to use the proper tools.
This Course Teaches How To Make The Leap From Being A Mere User To Being An Outlook Master

Course Objectives

• Demonstrate how to send a new email
• Identify the buttons on the ribbon.
• Discuss how to add an attachment to your email
• Explain the different advanced characters and objects
• Organize messages with groups
• Find emails using the search bar

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Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course, MOS)

Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course, MOS)

01: Intro to Outlook (12:48)
02: Working with Email (9:29)
03: Outlook Help (2:42)
04: Add Message Recipients (4:41)
05: Check Spelling and Grammar (6:46)
06: Formatting Message Content (6:30)
07: Attach Files and Items (10:20)
08: Add Illustrations to Messages (3:53)
09: Message Styles (4:19)
10: Illustrations in Messages (8:01)
11: Automatic Message Content (10:24)
12: Customizing Reading Options (11:42)
13: Track Messages (7:09)
14: Recall and Resend (5:21)
15: Mark Messages (13:40)
16: Folders (4:27)
17: Contacts (11:37)
18: Manage Contacts (10:10)
19: View the Calendar (5:41)
20: Create Appointments (6:41)
21: Scheduling Meetings PT1 (11:29)
22: Scheduling Meetings PT2 (9:54)
23: Print the Calendar (3:33)
24: Create Tasks (10:13)
25: Notes (3:53)
26: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects (8:01)
27: Inserting Charts (4:21)
28: Modify Message Options (9:16)
29: Configure Global Outlook Options (6:12)
30: Customizing the Outlook Interface (6:49)
31: Group and Sort Messages (6:53)
32: Filters and Clutter (8:58)
33: Search Outlook Items (7:17)
34: Junk Email Filter (4:31)
35: Manage Your Mailbox (5:42)
36: Using Automatic Replies (5:50)
37: Conditional Formatting (4:16)
38: Using the Rules Wizard (9:04)
39: Quick Steps (6:29)
40: Advanced Calendar Options (6:37)
41: Managing Additional Calendars (9:06)
42: Manage Meeting Responses (12:03)
43: Import and Export Contacts (6:47)
44: Electronic Business Cards (8:11)
45: Forward Contacts (2:53)
46: Assign and Manage Tasks (10:38)
47: Delegate Access (13:50)
48: Sharing Calendars (4:26)
49: Sharing Contacts (2:45)
50: Archiving (7:29)
51: Outlook Data Files (3:32)
52: Data File Settings (2:25)

Simulated Practice Environment
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