IBM Blockchain As A Service

IBM Blockchain As A Service, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

The IBM Blockchain Platform is a cloud-based platform which provides tools for you to easily develop, operate, and grow your permissioned enterprise blockchain applications. This training will provide an overview of the platform features and capabilities so you can quickly get up to speed. The training also provides use cases with demos and optional labs that focused on business network setup and chaincode deployments with Composer.

Course Objectives

• Overview of IBM Blockchain Platform features and capabilities
• Learn through use cases with demos and optional labs that focused on business network setup and chaincode deployments with Composer

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IBM Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Topic : Course Introduction

1 Course Overview

Topic : IBM Blockchain as a Service Basics

2 Proof of Concepts

3 IBM Blockchain Platform History

4 IBM Blockchain Basics

5 IBM Blockchain Network

6 Whiteboard - IBM BaaS Overview

7 BaaS Pricing

8 IBM BaaS Extending to AWS

9 IBM BaaS Login

10 IBM BaaS Starter Plan

11 IBM BaaS Starter Plan Demo

12 IBM BaaS Enterprise Plan

13 IBM BaaS Enterprise Plan Demo

14 IBM Cloud Cost Estimator

15 IBM Cloud Cost Estimator Demo

16 Organizations

17 Members

18 Demo Add Member

19 Channels

20 Demo Channels

21 Certificate Admin

22 Connection Profile

23 Demo Connection Profile

24 Chaincode

25 Install Chaincode

26 Marble Toolchain

27 Marbles App

28 Demo Marbles Toolchain and Application

29 Swagger

30 Demo - Swagger

31 Peer Log Files

32 Demo Peer Log Files

33 Demo - Reset Network

34 Demo - Delete Service

35 Support

36 Review of IBM BaaS

37 Blockchain Platform 2.0

Topic : Hyperledger Project Overview

38 What is Hyperledger?

39 Hyperledger Project Overview

40 Hyperledger Portfolio Overview

41 Hyperledger Fabric Features

42 Comparing Hyperledger to Other Blockchains

Topic : Hyperledger Fabric Overview

43 Whiteboard -Hyperledger Fabric Overview

44 Hyperledger Terminology

45 Hyperledger Fabric Design

46 Hyperledger Fabric Nodes and Peers

47 Whiteboard - Hyperledger Fabric Node and Peers

48 Hyperledger Fabric MSP and CA

49 Hyperledger Fabric Transactions

50 Whiteboard - Fabric Transactions

51 Hyperledger Fabric Ledger Options

52 Whiteboard- Ledger Query

53 Hyperledger Fabric Consensus

54 Transactions Per Second (TP)

55 Chaincode

Topic : Hyperledger Fabric Use Case and Value

56 Hyperledger Advantages and Use Cases

57 Hyperledger Channels

58 Demo- Channels IBM Blockchain

Topic : Hyperledger Fabric Development

59 Hyperledger Development

60 Hyperledger Fabric Composer

61 Hyperledger Fabric Composer Playground

62 Demo - Composer Playground

63 Demo - IBM Cloud Tool Chain

64 Demo -IBM Blockchain 2.0 (beta)

65 Demo - Swagger (Open API)

66 Rest API Services

67 Whiteboard - Development Overview

68 AWS Templates

69 Whiteboard - Composer Modeling

70 Whiteboard - Composer Lifecycle

Topic : Additional Resources

71 Hyperledger Certifications

72 Blockchain Roles

73 Hyperledger Github

74 Hyperledger Wiki


76 Course Closeout

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