1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security

  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • 1st Step to Wireless Hacking and Security, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

This VTC course delivers an in-depth look at wireless security, demonstrating how IEEE 802.11 wireless attacks are carried out and defended against. Veteran instructor Bobby Rogers first provides a foundation in wireless security technologies before he proceeds with practical demonstrations on securing both clients and network devices. He also demonstrates how to monitor wireless networks, capture wireless traffic, and even crack WEP and WPA keys.

Defend your desktop and other gadget from being compromised!

- Know the different types of hacking
- Be able to identify the telltale signs of hacking
- Learn how to secure your network for safer surfing experience
- Learn the different prevention measures of protecting yourself from being hacked

This course is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit and UTAP funding.

Course Objectives

1. Understand about Wireless Networking 
2. Understand the introduction to Wireless Security Basics and Protocols
3. Be able to secure Desktop Clients and Bluetooth 
4. Know about Wireless Access Points
5. Understand about Mobile Wireless
6. Know more about Hacking Basics and Tools 
7. Know about Windows Security Tools 
8. Understand about Windows Security Testing 
9. Understand the Legal issues 
10. Understand about Windows Best Practices 

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Course Outline

Overview of Wireless Networking

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Wireless Terminology

Wireless Basics

Wireless Hardware

Wireless Transmission Methods

802.11 Standards pt. 1

802.11 Standards pt. 2

Other Standards

Wireless Topologies

Wireless Security Basics


Wireless vs Wired Networks

Wireless Security Issues



SSID Broadcasting

MAC Address Filtering

Wireless Security Protocols








Authentication Methods

Securing Desktop Clients


General Client Security

Legacy Clients

Securing Windows 7 and 8

Securing a Linux Client

Physical Security

Security Policies and Enforcement

Wireless Access Points


Securing WAPs pt. 1

Securing WAPs pt. 2

Securing WAP Traffic pt. 1

Securing WAP Traffic pt. 2

Securing Client Access

AP Physical Security

Mobile Wireless


Securing Smartphones

Securing Tablets




Securing Bluetooth


Overview of Bluetooth

Bluetooth Weaknesses

Bluetooth Security Features

Bluetooth Attacks

Bluetooth Attack Tools

Securing Bluetooth

Hacking Basics


Intro to Penetration Testing

Wardriving and Warchalking



Planning the Test

Conducting the Test

Professional Conduct

Wireless Security Tools


Intro to Security Tools


Pen Testing Platforms

Backtrack Toolset





Net Stumbler

Modern Windows Tools

Other Tools

Wireless Security Testing Section One


Setting Up Hardware

Verifying Hardware

Monitor Mode pt. 1

Monitor Mode pt. 2


Capturing Traffic pt. 1

Capturing Traffic pt. 2

Viewing Traffic Captures pt. 1

Viewing Traffic Captures pt. 2

Wireless Security Testing Section Two


WEP Attacks

Aireplay-ng Attacks

Fake Authentication

Deauthentication Attacks

ARP Replay Attacks

Cracking WEP pt. 1

Cracking WEP pt. 2

Wireless Security Testing Section Three


WPA Attacks

Cracking WPA pt. 1

Cracking WPA pt. 2

Rogue APs

Detecting Rogue APs

Attacking Past Wireless

Legal Issues


Intro to Legal Issues

Laws and Regulations pt. 1

Laws and Regulations pt. 2

Laws and Regulations pt. 3


Wireless Security Best Practices


Wireless Security Standards

Designing the Network

Configuring Wireless Clients

Configuring Access Points

Securing Users

Connecting Different Networks

Corporate Policies

Security Testing




Wireless Tools


Course Wrap Up



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