Microsoft Outlook 2013

  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Microsoft Outlook remains the email, contact, and calendar application of choice for millions of businesses and over a billion end users worldwide. The 2013 version brings with it some exciting updates: a streamlined interface, integration with social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, mail and calendar Peek, and new mailbox cleanup tools. Author Brian Culp serves as your tour guide through these new features and dozens upon dozens more. He takes users from program installation and set up through utilizing Outlook as a complete task and communication management program. Whether you are using it as a stand-alone program or working in a corporate environment with a Microsoft Exchange back-end, this VTC course will show you how to get the most out of Microsoft Outlook 2013.

Find out more about Microsoft's productivity tools!

- Learn and understand the purpose of Microsoft's tools
- Know more about the functionality and features of each application
- Learn about functions that you never knew existed in Microsoft's tools
- Be fluent and an efficient user in Microsoft tools by the end of this course

Course Objectives

1. Know and understand the basics of Outlook 2013 
2. Know how to navigate the interface and configure Outlook 
3. Know how to setup an account in Outlook 
4. Understand how to work an email in Outlook 
5. Able to process and organize an email 
6. Kow how to deal with Contacts in Outlook 
7. Know how to manage Calender in Outlook 
8. Be able to deal with Task
9. Know how to Collaborate and Customize 

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Course Introduction

Preview Available


Intro and Ground Rules

Everything Is a Tip or a Trick

The Ribbon

Interface Changes

Getting Started

Preview Available


Connect to an Internet Email Account

Connect to an Exchange Email Account

Manage Multiple Accounts

Use Integrated Archive

Configure the Quick Access Toolbar

Outlook Data and Config


Personal Folders

Offline Data Files

Normal and Safe Startup

Create a Profile

Navigate Standard Outlook Views

The Backstage View

Dealing with Email


Address a Message

Enter Content

Save and Send

Attach Files

View a Conversation

Manage Conversations

Mark a Message as Read

The People Pane

Check the Spelling

Use Voting Buttons

Resend and Recall a Message

Insert Pictures

Insert Business Graphics

Capture Screen Images

Insert a Quick Part

Process and Organize Email


Request Delivery or Read Receipt

Print an Email

Add a Signature

Use Stationary (Not!)

Change the View of the Outlook Window


Categorize Email

Create a Rule Process Email

Use Quick Steps

Manage Quick Steps

Automatic Reply without Exchange

Configure the New Mail Notification

Save an Email Draft

Schedule Email Delivery

Change Delivery Options

Manage Folder Size

Find and Delete Large Items

Empty Deleted Items Automatically

Configure Junk Email Options

Configure Safe and Blocked Senders

Handle Junk Email

Block External Content

Handle Email on a Plane

Create a Search Folder

Manage Search Folders

Share an Email Folder

Cached Exchange Options

Use Automatic Reply

Dealing with Contacts


Connect to a Social Network

Create a Contact Record

Use Mail to Create a Contact

Edit a Contact Record

Email and Print Contacts

Group and Search Contacts

Use Favorite Contacts

Personalize a Business Card

Send a Business Card

Change Contact Views

Sort Contacts

Import and Export Records

User Defined Fields

Dealing with Your Calendar


Schedule an Appointment

Add National Holidays

Edit Appointment Details

Schedule an Event

Schedule a Meeting

Send a Meeting Update

Calendar Views

Use the Date Navigator

Use Calendar Weather

Define Available Time

Configure Time Zones

Using Multiple Calendars

Connect to an Internet Calendar

Print Your Calendar

Share Your Calendar

Mark a Calendar Item as Private

Dealing with Tasks


Create a Task

Set a Reminder and Due Date

Create a Task from Other Items

Create a Recurring Task

Task Options

Task Assignments

Manage Assignments

Change the View of Tasks

Find and Organize Tasks

Update and Forward Tasks

Create a Note

Manage Notes

Collaborate and Customize


Customize the Ribbon

Customize Navigation

Work with Templates

Use Shortcuts

Export Contacts to Excel

Delegate to Assistants

Setting Free / Busy Information

Mail Merge 101

Customize the Status Bar

Share Contacts Using Exchange

Start in Outlook Today



Course Wrap Up



About the Author

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