Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio

  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10: Know how to work with audio, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

This VTC course introduces you to Techsmith's two programs: Camtasia Studio 7 and Snagit 10. Author Mark Struthers will first demonstrate how to use Camtasia Studio before moving on to Snagit so that you understand how both programs complement each other when creating screen recording videos. Additionally, you will see two mini Camtasia projects that illustrate how you can create educational resources for the classroom.

Create your masterpiece with Camtasia and Snagit.

- Learn the different tools and techniques to produce a screen recording videos
- Know how to utilize both softwares in any projects
- Discover the secrets of producing a quality video
- Learn the ropes of creating your own master piece with this course

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand the introduction to Camtasia and Snagit
2. Know how to navigate the interface of Camtasia and Snagit
3. Understand the different tools available in Camtasia and Snagit
4. Know how to use Camtasia and Snagit according to projects 

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Getting Started with Camtasia

Preview Available


Camtasia Suite Workflow

Camtasia Recorder

Camtasia Menumaker

Camtasia Theatre pt. 1

Camtasia Theatre pt. 2

Camtasia Player

Camtasia Options

Camtasia System Requirements

Camtasia User Interface

Snagit Introduction

Starting a Project


Using the Welcome Screen

New Project

Capturing and Options

Recorder Effects

Recorder Tools

Importing and Organizing a Project

Using Your Assets

Saving and Using Images

Storyboard or Timeline

Project Information

Project Progression


Preview Window

Button Options

Cursor Options

Title Clips




Zoom and Pan


Record Camera

Building a Project


Cutting Clips

Copy and Paste

Splitting Clips

Zooming on the Timeline

Track Dropdown Options

Unlinking Video from Audio

Locking Tracks

Picture in Picture

View Menu Options

Voice Narration

Using Markers

Drawing on the Screen

Screendrawing in Action

Cursor Highlight and Audio Effects

Adding Keyframes

Audio Matters


Importing or Recording

Enable Volume Leveling pt. 1

Enable Volume Leveling pt. 2

Enable Noise Removal

Enable Voice Optimization

Reducing or Increasing Volume

Creating Fades or Silence

Audio Points

Optimizing Outside of Camtasia

Audio Lanes

Cutting and Trimming Audio

Extending Frames

Snagit 10



Quick Stills Capture

Profiles and Modes

Text Capture

Profile Settings

Adding Profiles

Capture Options

Related Tasks Buttons

Turn on OneClick

Managing Accessories

Snagit Editor


Drawing Tools

Image Options

Creating Hotspots


Viewing Options

Sending Options

Adding Text



Resources and Options

Project 1


Quick Tool Bar

Creating a Splash Screen

Creating a Virtual Whiteboard

Adding Narration

Creating a Finished Movie pt. 1

Creating a Finished Movie pt. 2

Project 2


Setting Up a PIP Project

Seeing How It Was Created

Output to Screencast

Packaging a Project

Tips and Tricks


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



Author Profile

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $49.00
(Price excludes GST)
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