Essential Online Course - Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Essential Online Course - Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level with our Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 online training course! Whether you are a beginner or have experience and want to sharpen your skills, this online course will help you create professional quality presentations that will grab your audience’s attention and keep them interested from start to finish.

This course is separated in to three main sections covering Basic PowerPoint, Intermediate PowerPoint and Advanced PowerPoint lessons, which will provide an in depth review of the presentation software included in the Office 2016 suite of applications. Learn to navigate the interface effectively, insert a range of objects and how to create engaging presentations that will wow viewers. Topics will include design, customization and presentation of information using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Wow your audience with your next presentation after taking this course!

- Learn the secrets of creating dynamic PowerPoint slides
- Know the different functions and purpose of PowerPoint
- Be able to apply these into your next presentation slides
- Impress your audience at your next presentation

Course Objectives

  1. Know and understand the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint
  2. Be able to start a new PowerPoint project from scratch
  3. Know how to work with Visual Designs in Microsoft PowerPoint
  4. Know how to set animation with Visual Designs
  5. Able to add in buttons, animations, transitions
  6. Understand how to prepare and put together a PowerPoint presentation

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

  • Module 1: PowerPoint Beginner
    • 1.1 What Is PowerPoint Part 1
    • 1.2 What Is PowerPoint Part 2
    • 1.3 New Presentation
    • 1.4 Viewing Presentation
    • 1.5 Inserting Transitions
    • 1.6 More Visual Designs Part 1
    • 1.7 More Visual Designs Part 2
    • 1.8 More Visual Designs Part 3
    • 1.9 More Visual Designs Part 4
    • 1.10 Notes
  • Module 2: PowerPoint Intermediate
    • 2.1 Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part 1
    • 2.2 Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part 2
    • 2.3 Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part 3
    • 2.4 Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part 4
    • 2.5 Visual Designs With Logos And Animation Part 5
    • 2.6 Exit Animation Part 1
    • 2.7 Exit Animation Part 2
    • 2.8 Exit Animation Part 3
    • 2.9 Navigation Buttons
    • 2.10 Layout Options Part 1
    • 2.11 Layout Options Part 2
  • Module 3 - PowerPoint Advanced
    • 3.1 Master Pages Part 1
    • 3.2 Master Pages Part 2
    • 3.3 Software Simulation Part 1
    • 3.4 Software Simulation Part 2
    • 3.5 Setting Pictures To Music
    • 3.6 Advanced Animation Techniques
    • 3.7 Triggers
    • 3.8 Motion Path Animation
    • 3.9 Video In Powerpoint
    • 3.10 PowerPoint Review Part 1
    • 3.11 PowerPoint Review Part 2
    • 3.12 Additional Options
SGD $299.00
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