FileMaker Server 12

  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course
  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course
  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course
  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course
  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course
  • FileMaker Server 12, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

FileMaker Server is the cornerstone of a trouble-free and performant FileMaker solution deployment. This course describes the new FileMaker Server 12. The videos outline what is new, explains in detail how to install and configure FileMaker Server and what to look out for. The section on troubleshooting and best practices will make sure you are well equipped to keep your deployment running. And since FileMaker Server lets you easily integrate your data with other applications and the web, that topic is also covered extensively. Work Files are included.

Discover how data can be managed efficiently.

- Find out how you can manage your database
- Learn ways to fully utilize your data's potential
- Understand the best practises of maintaining a database
- Learn of the different ways to efficiently handle your data

Course Objectives

1. Understand about FileMaker Server 12 and its newly added features 
2. Understand the foundations of a database 
3. Know how to apply codes to integrate your data with applications 
4. Know how to apply codes such as - performing finds, working with records, custom functions 

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Course Overview

What is FileMaker Server?

FileMaker Server History

Server vs. FileMaker Pro as Host

New Features

Preview Available


Mixed Environments

FileMaker Server New Architecture

Important New Features pt. 1

Important New Features pt. 2

Important New Features pt. 3

Important New Features pt. 4

Installing FileMaker Server


System Requirements

Multiple Machine Deployment

The Installation Process pt. 1

The Installation Process pt. 2

Assisted Install

Hosting Files pt. 1

Hosting Files pt. 2

Hosting Files: OS X Observations

Other FileMaker Server Advanced Tools

Updating & Checking Version Numbers

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 1


The Admin Console

Config Settings - General Information

Config Settings - Clients

Config Settings - Databases

Config Settings - Database Cache

Config Settings - Admin Groups

Config Settings - Save Settings

Config Settings - Runtime Solutions

Config Settings - Default Folders

Config Settings - Schedules pt. 1

Config Settings - Schedules pt. 2

The End of Robot Machines

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 2


Config Settings - Directory Service

Config Settings - Security

External Authentication: Concepts

EA: Local Accounts on Windows

EA: Local Accounts on OS X

EA: Domain Accounts on Windows pt. 1

EA: Domain Accounts on Windows pt. 2

EA: Domain Accounts on OS X

External Authentication: SSO

External Authentication on the Web

Config Settings - Administration

Config Settings - Logging

Config Settings - Statistics

Configuring FileMaker Server - Part 3


The Backup Process

The Backup Process - 12 Twist

Progressive Backups

Backup Strategies: Windows pt. 1

Backup Strategies: Windows pt. 2

Backup Strategies: OS X

Server-Side Plugins

Live Administration

Command Line SAT Tool

Command Line: OS Commands

Network Configuration: Remote Access

Monitoring FileMaker Server


From the Admin Console Tool

From the Command Line

Using the OS Tools: Windows

Using the OS Tools: OS X

Event Logs: Windows

Event Logs: OS X

Troubleshooting: General Notes

Troubleshooting: Specific Issues pt. 1

Troubleshooting: Specific Issues pt. 2

Troubleshooting External Authentication

Best Practices




Running Other Applications & Services

Power Backup


Shut Down or Restart the Server

Fail-over Protection

Using FileMaker Data








XML: Introduction

XML: fmDotNet

XML: Other Technologies


Resource Files

Wrap Up



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