Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5

  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course
  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course
  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course
  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course
  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course
  • Build a Website from Scratch with WordPress 3.5, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

In this VTC course, you will learn the intricacies of setting up, using, and administering a WordPress 3.5 site. In addition to how to install and set up WordPress, you will also learn about themes, security concerns and mitigation, and plugin implementation. Author Jon Ward will discuss the theory of WordPress operation and then he will show you how to build a site from scratch. While the course is taught in 3.5, topics covered will be applicable to any WordPress 3.x installation.

Try out the capabilities of WordPress for Web Site designs!

- Learn how to install and configure WordPress for first time users
- Learn about the features and functions available in WordPress
- Be able to create web sites from scratch using WordPress
- Equip and update yourself with the knowledge of web design

Course Objectives

1. Able to install and configure WordPress
2. Know and able to navigate the interface of WordPress
3. Know and understand about the different elements in a web site 
4. Able to design a web site from scratch using the techniques taught 
5. Know how to link page with social media and other features 

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Welcome to WordPress

Preview Available





Preview Available


Posts and Pages





Explanation of Posts

Categories and Tags

Post Editor pt. 1

Post Editor pt. 2

Post Editor pt. 3

Creating a Post



Explanation of Pages

Creating a Page

Pages as Plugin Houses



Explanation of Media

Adding Media

Managing the Media Library

Media Editor

Jetpack Carousel

Jetpack Tiled Galleries

Look and Feel


Introduction to Look and Feel


Finding and Customizing Themes pt. 1

Finding and Customizing Themes pt. 2

Other Theme Frameworks



Advanced Customization pt. 1

Advanced Customization pt. 2



Explanation of Plugins

Installing Plugins

Jetpack pt. 1

Jetpack pt. 2

Common Useful Plugins


Security and Performance Concerns



User Management pt. 1

User Management pt. 2

Your Profile



Tools Menu



General and Writing Settings

Reading and Discussion Settings

More on Discussion Settings

Media / Permalinks / Sharing Settings



Publishing Your RSS Feeds

Including Third-Party RSS Feeds

Social Media


Publishing to Social Media

Integrating Social Media

WordPress as a Social Media Platform



Shopping Carts

Third Party Integration



Comment Overview

Comment Settings

Comment Moderation

Social Media Comments

Backups and Updates


WordPress and Plugin Updates

Backup Procedure

Useful Plugins



WordPress Security Overview

WordPress Settings

Useful Plugins pt. 1

Useful Plugins pt. 2

Configure .htaccess pt. 1

Configure .htaccess pt. 2

Best Practices

Building a Site: Urban Gardening



Determining the Goals of the Site

Choosing and Customizing the Theme pt. 1

Choosing and Customizing the Theme pt. 2

Choosing and Customizing the Theme pt. 3

Customizing Site Settings

Adding Plugins pt. 1

Adding Plugins pt. 2

Adding Plugins pt. 3

Pages pt. 1

Pages pt. 2

Customizing Widgets

Customizing Menus

Social Media Integration

Adding User Accounts for Staff






Course Wrap Up



About the Author

  • Duration 6 hr 0 mins
  • Skill level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Tag(s) Design Web Design

SGD $40.00
(Price excludes GST)
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