Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals & GCP Security Fundamentals

Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals & GCP Security Fundamentals, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

AWS Professionals. This course is meant for IT professionals that are knowledgeable in AWS and are looking to get a quick ramp up in comparing Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services at a functional level. This course covers most of the services. The Services covered are.

1) Networking

2) Storage

3) Data Services

4) Management

Security in the cloud is much like security in your on-premise data centers, only without the costs of maintaining facilities and hardware. In the cloud, security is generally a shared responsibility between the provider and the customer. With Google Cloud Platform there are many facets of maintaining a secure cloud environment and in this course we will cover them.

Course Objectives

• Comparing Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services at a functional e.g. Networking, Storage, Data Services, Management
• Maintaining a secure environment between the provider and customer

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Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals & GCP Security Fundamentals


0_GCP for AWS Cloud Trailer rev1

01_GCP for AWS Pros Course Introduction Rev1

02_Why Google Cloud Rev1

03_INfrastructure, Regions and Zones Rev1

04_GCP For AWS Hierarchy in GCP Rev1

05_GCP For AWS Networking Overview Part 1 Rev1

06_GCP for AWS Networking Overview Part 2 rev1

07_GCP For AWS VPC Demo Rev1

08_GCP For AWS Load Balancing and Autoscaling Rev1

09_GCP for AWS Demo Firewall Rule Rev1

10_GCP For AWS Compute Service GCP Part 1

11_GCP For AWS Compute Services Part 2

12_GCP for AWS Virtual Machine Demo Rev1

13_GCP for AWS App Engine Demo Rev1

14_GCP for AWS VM Pricing Rev1

15_GCP For AWS Cloud Storage Rev1

16_GCP for AWS Cloud Storage Demo Rev1

17_GCP for AWS Cloud Storage Migration Demo Rev1

18_GCP For AWS Data Services Rev1

19_GCP For AWS Demo Cloud SQL Rev1

20_GCP For AWS Stackdriver Overview Rev1

21_GCP for AWS Stackdriver Demo Rev1

22_GCP For AWS Managing Billing and Accounts Rev1

23_GCP for AWS IAM Overview Rev1

24_GCP For AWS Cloud Identity Rev1

25_GCP For AWS GCDS Rev1

26_GCP For AWS Devops Overview Rev1

27_GCP for AWS Kubenetes Engine Whiteboard Rev1

28_GCP for AWS Cloud Source Repositories Rev1

29_GCP for AWS Cloud Build Rev1

30_GCP for AWS Container Registry Rev1

31_GCP for AWS SDK Install Demo

32_GCP for AWS Cloud Shell Rev1

33_GCP for AWS Infrastructure as code rev1

34_GCP for AWS Cloud Launcher Rev1

35_GCP For AWS Deployment Manager Demo Rev1

36_GCP for AWS Qwiklabs Rev1

37_GCP for AWS Codelabs Rev1

38_GCP for AWS Stackoverflow

39_GCP For AWS Pricing Calculator

40_GCP for AWS Google Cloud Asset Library Rev1

41_GCP For AWS gcping

42_GCP for AWS Demo and Free Tier Rev1

43_GCP For AWS Compare GCP to AWS Exams rev1

44_GCP For AWS Enterprise Positioning Rev1

45_GCP Cloud Architect Exam Review Top Ten 12 2018

46_GCP Cloud Engineer Top Ten to Know

47_GCP for AWS Course Closeout Thank you

GCP For AWS Course Slides for Downloads Rev1


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