Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4

  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course
  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course
  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course
  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course
  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course
  • Adobe Photoshop Essentials - CS3 & CS4, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. Delve head-long into the world of Photoshop with expert video trainer, artist, and designer Geoff Blake in this massive 14-plus hour, course! Packed with tricks, techniques, and hands-on tasks, it’s an easy, non-jargonny approach for both Photoshop CS3 and CS4 users. Hang on tight as you’re guided through comprehensive exercises on resizing and resolution, color correction, and image touch up. Master advanced techniques for creating eye-popping visuals, including masking objects, tilt-shift photography, sizzling text effects, and workflows with InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash!

Mesmerize your audience with your photographs with the help of Photoshop.

- Understand about Photoshop and it key features
- Know how to use the different Photoshop functions and features
- Learn about the different techniques and tools available in Photoshop
- Enable yourself to create dynamic and beautiful images

Course Objectives

1. Understand the key functions of Photoshop 
2. Know the top ten essential points in Photoshop 
3. Know about Photoshop print and web workflows
4. Understand the purpose of Adobe Bridge 
5. Able to apply resizing, resampling and cropping
6. Able to utilize painting and masking technique
7. Know how to create killer special effects 
8. Apply retouching, manipulation and colour selection into photographs

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Welcome To Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials!

Download Project File

Are You Ready For Photoshop?

Photoshop Warm-Up: The Interface!


Gettin’ Down With Image Fundamentals

The Goods: Photoshop’s Toolbox

Exploring Photoshop’s Palettes

A Look At The Options Bar

Creating New Documents, The Image Window, And Working With Multiple Images

Photoshop’s Screen Modes

For Our CS4 Users: Photoshop’s New Interface

Gettin’ Around In Your Images

Get Customizing Photoshop’s Interface And Saving Workspaces

Have No Fear: Undoing Steps With History

Saving Up All Your Work

Task#1: Saving Out Multiple Copies!

Photoshop’s Right Hand Man, Adobe Bridge!


Launchin’ Bridge And Gettin’ Into The Interface

Throwin’ In Metadata, Keywords, And Filters

Getting Organized: Moving, Copying And Renaming Images

Creating Collections In Bridge CS4

Task#2: Organize Your Images!

Mastering Resizing, Resampling, And Cropping!


Understanding PPI, DPI, And LPI

A Practical Example Of Pixels And Resolution

Using The Image Size Command

Resizing Images

Resizing With And Without Resampling

Technique #1: Resizing To Create A Web Banner And An 8×10 Print!

Fix ‘Er Up: Cropping And Straightening

Canvas Size And Canvas Rotation

Task#3: Didja Get All That? Now Resize This Image!

The Low-Down On Selections, Part 1!


Getting Started With The Shape Selection Tools And Modifying Selections

Transforming And Duplicating Your Selections

Selecting With The Magic Wand Tool And Using Free Transform

Throwin’ It Down With The Polygonal Selection Tool

Selection Tool Double-Team: Combining Selections

The Low-Down On Selections, Part 2!


Fast ‘N Easy With The Magnetic Lasso Tool

Handy Selection Techniques

Your Gonna Love It: The Quick Selection Tool

Refining Your Selections

Selection Modification Techniques

Photoshop’s Meat ‘N Potatoes, Layers!


Gettin’ A Grasp On Layer Fundamentals

Understanding The Layers Panel, Background Layers, And Combining Images

Gettin’ Ya Used To Working With Layers

Locking Down Your Layers

Super-Sweet Effects With Layer Styles

Retro Movie Poster Build: Going Further With Layers

Continuing The Build: Filling Layers And Creating Layer Groups

More Eye-Popping Possibilities: Introducing Blending Modes

Blending Modes Explained

More Blending Modes, Opacity, And Fill

Finishing Up Our Build: Creating And Modifying Text

Point Type, Paragraph Type, And Warping Text

Technique #2: Super-Sweet T-Shirt Mock Ups!

Definitely Do-Able: Using Photoshop For Layout!


Setting Up Photoshop’s Unit Of Measurement

Get Goin’ With Rulers, Guides, And The Grid

Setting Up The Design Template, Part 1

Setting Up The Design Template, Part 2

Putting in the image

Sweet Painting Techniques In Photoshop!


Get Using Photoshop’s Brush Tool

Setting Up Your Layers For Painting

The Color Picker, Painting With Mulitple Colors, And Saving Your Custom Colors

Sweetness: Pantone Colors And Handling Your Swatch Libraries

Gettin’ Down With Gradients

Speed It Up By Painting With Selections

Make It Come To Life: Shading Your Painted Artwork

Creating And Working With Artistic Brushes

Snoozer…Using The Pencil And Eraser Tools

Task#4: Paint These Cool Cartoons!

Delving Into Masking Techniques!


Warmin’ Up With Color Range

You’re About To Fall In Love: Photoshop’s Quickmask Mode, Part 1

You’re About To Fall In Love: Photoshop’s Quickmask Mode, Part 2

Saving Your Selections And Working With Alpha ChannelsPeview

The Coolest Thing Ever: Layer Masks, Part 1

The Coolest Thing Ever: Layer Masks, Part 2

Using Photoshop CS4'S Masks Panel

Get Creating And Editing Clipping Groups

Task #5: Have You Mastered Masks? Then Apply A Layer Mask To This Photo!

Photo Clean-Up, Retouching, And Manipulation!


Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop’s Red Eye Tool

Cleaning Up Blemishes Part 1: The Clone Stamp Tool

Cleaning Up Blemishes Part 2: Spot Healing, Healing Brush, And Patch Tools

Techniques For Replacing Colors

Photoshop’s Image Toning Tools

Sharpening Up Your Photos

Photoshop CS4 Users, It’s Time For Content-Aware Scaling

Technique #3: Photographer’s Dream Come True—Perfect Skin Tones!

Task #6: Clean Up This Photo!

Photoshop Pen Tool Mastery!


Understanding Paths And The Pen Tool

Keeping ‘Er Straight: Creating Straight Path Segments

A Bit More Tricky: Curved Path Segments

Creating Combo Paths—Both Straight And Curved

Close Cropping An Object And Pulling It Off It’s Background

Technique #4: A Real World Application Of The Pen Tool!

Task #7: Close Crop This Photo!

Buckle Up, It’s Time For Color Correction!


The Fundamentals: Photoshop’s Color Modes

Easing Into Correcting Color With VariationsPeview

Auto Color Correction And Understanding Black And White Point

Going Further With Additional Correction Options

Histograms: Understand How They Work Once And For All

Advanced Correction Part 1: Photoshop’s Levels Command

Advanced Correction Part 2: Geoff’s Favorite, Curves

Non-Destructive Correction With Adjustment Layers In Photoshop CS3

Non-Destructive Correction With Adjustment Layers In Photoshop CS4

A Heap Of Techniques For Creating Stunning Black And White Images

Creating Killer Special Effects!


Warmin' Ya Up With Photoshop's Filters

Using Filters Non-Destructively

A Much Closer Look At Working With Styles

Technique #5: Simulating Tilt-Shift Photography With Alien Skin Bokeh!

Technique #6: Simulating Depth Of Field With Alien Skin Bokeh!

Technique #7: Text Effects With Alien Skin Eye Candy

This'll Blow Your Mind: Creating Eye-Popping Glow Effects, Part 1

This'll Blow Your Mind: Creating Eye-Popping Glow Effects, Part 2

Photoshop Print And Web Workflows!


Print Design Workflow With InDesign

Layer Comps Between Photoshop And InDesign

Now For Web Workflows, Starting With Saving Images For Online Use

Ten Ton Dreamweaver Sneak Peak #1: Smart Objects Between Photoshop And Dreamweaver

Ten Ton Dreamweaver Sneak Peak #2: Web Design Workflow: From Illustrator To Photoshop And Out To Dreamweaver

Technique #8: Build Your Own Web 2.0 Style Buttons!

Technique #9: Ten Ton User Request: Building And Slicing A Web Header, Part 1!

Technique #9 Continued: Ten Ton User Request: Building And Slicing A Web Header, Part 2!

Creative Suite Tag-Team: Working With Photoshop And Illustrator

Monster Photoshop And Flash Design Workflow



The Dramatic Conclusion…Ten Ton Photoshop Essentials Is Over!

Ending and Credits

SGD $99.00
(Price excludes GST)
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