Getting Started With Dreamweaver CC

Getting Started With Dreamweaver CC, Singapore elarning online course

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  1. The lastest release of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite boasts a host of new features to help you be more productive and creative. In this free course, veteran trainer Geoff Blake walks you though the lastest features, and outlines how you can make the most from them. Additionally on Dreamweaver, where you’ll discover new features like Emmet support, code error highlighting, and how to connect and preview layouts using your mobile devices.

Course Objectives

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Introduction to What's New In Adobe CC 2015 Graphics & Web

Download Project Files


What's New In InDesign CC 2015


Getting Started With InDesign CC 2015

Inserting Graphics Into Tables

Merging And Insetting Graphic Table Cells

Converting Graphic Cells To Text Cells

InDesign CC's New Paragraph Shading

Building Paragraph Shading Into Paragraph Styles

Publish Online From InDesign CC

What's New In Dreamweaver CC 2015


Getting Started With Dreamweaver CC

Code Errors And Warnings

Colour And Image Previews

Emmet Support For Hand Coding

Batch Export From PSD

Building Responsive Websites

Preview And Inspect On Devices

What's New In Illustrator CC 2015


Getting Started With Illustrator CC 2015

Faster Movement and Magnification

Crash Recovery

What's New In Photoshop CC 2015



Photoshop’s New Design Space

Create Multiple Layouts With Artboards

Photoshop CC's New Export Options

Mobile Preview With The Device Preview Panel

Integrating Assets Between Applications In CC 2015


Using The Library Panel In CC Applications

Editing Library Items

Viewing Your Library Online

Adding Adobe Stock Assets To Your Libraries

Wrapping Up


Where to Go From Here

Welcome to Getting Started With Dreamweaver CC

Download Project Files

Welcome to Dreamweaver 

A Look At What We'll Build

Web Design Fundamentals: HTML & CSS

Let's Get Started with Dreamweaver


A Look at the Welcome Screen

Creating New Documents

Touring the Dreamweaver Interface

Dreamweaver's Different Views

Using the Tag Selector

Working with Websites and Browsers


Defining a New Site

Getting Organized in the Files Panel

Saving Files Into Your Local Site

Previewing Your Work in A Web Browser

Building A Web Layout From Scratch


Getting the Layout Started, Part 1

Getting the Layout Started, Part 2

Understanding How The CSS Designer Panel Works

Understanding How the Layout Code Works

Inserting the Main Menu

Creating the Main Content Area

Hand Coding Layout Containers

A More Economical Approach To Layout

Using Float And Clear

Centre-Aligning The Entire Layout

Nesting Layout Objects, Part 1

Nesting Layout Objects, Part 2

Spacing Apart the Layout, Part 1

Spacing Apart the Layout, Part 2

Final Touches

Inserting & Formatting Text And Menus


Inserting Text Into the Layout

Adjusting the Layout For Text

Inserting Structural Headings

Redefining HTML Headings With CSS

Redefining The Rest Of Our Text

Working More Efficiently with CSS

Formatting Individual Words With Class Rules

Inserting and Formatting Lists

Using A List to Build A Menu

Inserting & Formatting Graphics


Inserting Images

Resizing Images In Dreamweaver

Controlling Graphics with CSS

Inserting The Site Logo

Placing A Homepage Image

Inserting the FeatureBox Images

Setting Up the FeatureBox Titles

Site Rollout: Building Out The Site & Going Live


Setting Up An External Style Sheet

Creating Placeholder Site Pages

Setting Up the Internal Hyperlink Structure

Creating The Site's Pages

Testing And Final Adjustments

Setting the Remote Site Info

Uploading the Local Site to the Remote Server

Testing the Live Site

Wrapping Up


Where to Go from Here

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