Mastering PowerPoint 2013

Mastering PowerPoint 2013, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

Going From Boring And Plain Presentations To Something That Makes People Sit Up And Pay Attention -- How To Effectively Use PowerPoint 2013
Have you seen someone deliver a PowerPoint presentation that was really well done? Do you remember the difference it made – not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? Recommended for MOS preparation, this course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged.

Course Objectives

• Move, Resize, and Nudge photos on slides
• Create custom slideshows for a presentation
• Create custom shapes
• Loop, crop, and add fades to video embedded in a PowerPoint presentation

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Mastering PowerPoint 2013

Mastering PowerPoint 2013

01: Introduction to PowerPoint (8:18)
02: Adding Content to Slides (7:21)
03: Importing Text Files and Outlines (4:22)
04: Basic Text Editing (10:41)
05: Editing Slide Design (12:05)
06: Copying Slides (2:46)
07: Adding Notes and Pictures (11:29)
08: Basic Picture Manipulation (3:12)
09: Adjusting Objects on a Slide (10:41)
10: Slide Show Mode (16:42)
11: Presenter View (10:00)
12: Tips for Using Projectors and Monitors (3:16)
13: Printing Slides and Handouts (7:40)
14: Sorting Slides (6:55)
15: Using Other Views (4:42)
16: Adding Tables (5:38)
17: Modifying Table Cells and Styles (7:08)
18: Formatting Paragraphs and Pasting Options (14:51)
19: Adding and Modifying Charts and Graphs (12:54)
20: Importing Tables and Charts (4:48)
21: Inserting and Manipulating Text Boxes (14:28)
22: Applying Text Effects (4:47)
23: Working with Text Boxes (5:30)
24: Basic Audio and Video (15:12)
25: Adding Effects to Audio and Video Objects (2:07)
26: Shapes (12:36)
27: Creating Custom Shapes (14:00)
28: Aligning and Grouping Shapes (4:16)
29: Gridlines and Guidelines (4:23)
30: Transitions (11:15)
31: Hiding and Deleting Slides (2:54)
32: Inserting and Modifying SmartArt Graphics (7:04)
33: Inserting SmartArt with Pictures (4:01)
34: Working with SmartArt (3:18)
35: Converting SmartArt (8:09)
36: Animations (9:40)
37: Animation Options (7:02)
38: Animation Effects (3:32)
39: Animation Pane (8:54)
40:  Animation Painter (6:49)
41: Animation Triggers (7:35)
42: Animation Triggers from Video Bookmark (7:43)
43: Video Options and Editing (5:44)
44: Setting a Poster Frame for a Video (4:54)
45: Creating Fades in a Video (2:10)
46: Looping and Cropping a Video (4:01)
47: Embedding Fonts (2:06)
48: Zoom (2:38)
49: Editing Pictures (14:11)
50: Applying Picture Effects (4:06)
51: Action Buttons and Hyperlinks (10:50)
52: Reusing Slides (7:12)
53: Custom Slide Shows (3:06)
54: Quick Access Toolbar (3:43)
55: Customizing PowerPoint Options (6:12)
56: Changing Auto Recovery Options (2:20)
57: Headers and Footers (4:34)
58: Sections (2:14)
59: Screenshots (4:29)
60: Spell Check and Thesaurus (10:14)
61: Format Painter (2:26)
62: Save As Options (7:58)
63: Compare, Merge, Markup, and Review (11:26)
64: Compressing Media (6:31)
65: Rehearsing Timings and Record a Slide Show (12:22)
66: Narrations, Timings, and Media Control (4:05)
67: Set Up a Slide Show (5:23)
68: Sharing a Slide Show (5:29)
69: Exporting a Presentation (3:42)
70: Finalizing a Presentation (10:57)
71: Picture Albums (7:21)
72: Editing a Slide Master (10:45)
73: Opening an Existing Presentation (1:38)
74: PowerPoint Online Web App (8:53)
75: Sharing and Co-Authoring in PowerPoint Online (4:39)

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