Mastering Excel 2016

  • Mastering Excel 2016, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Mastering Excel 2016, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Mastering Excel 2016, Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

The World Is Filled With Two Kinds Of People: A Handful Of People Who Are Masters Of Excel, And The Millions Of Others Who Wish They Were
If you’ve mastered Microsoft Excel 2016 then you have one of the most practical and valuable skill sets in all of modern business. A spreadsheet guru can work wonders – from organizing lists, to creating multi-layered, interactive reports, to revealing answers to business-critical questions like ROI, budget allocations, tracking expenditures, and more. This course covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel 2016, from the very basics to the most advanced features and functions.
Note: This course covers all the objectives required in the Microsoft Office Specialist exam 77-727.

Course Objectives

• Demonstrate how to navigate the ribbon
• Discuss the compatibility issues between Excel 2016 and older versions of Excel
• Explain the importance of named ranges
• Write nested functions
• Demonstrate advanced functions
• Define and develop macros

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Mastering Excel 2016

Mastering Excel 2016

01: Intro (8:53)
02: Selecting and Navigating (7:55)
03: Keyboard Navigation and Basic Data Entry (9:18)
04: The Ribbon (5:23)
05: The Quick Access Toolbar (4:28)
06: Creating a New Spreadsheet (9:08)
07: Compatibility Issues (5:26)
08: Cell Data & Data Types (12:41)
09: Accessing Help (3:11)
10: Creating Worksheet Formulas (11:11)
11: Insert Functions (11:28)
12: Re-using Formulas and Functions (12:00)
13: Insert, Delete, & Adjust Columns & Rows (7:22)
14: Find and Replace (9:52)
15: Use Proofing and Research Tools (11:21)
16: Apply Text Formats (14:14)
17: Apply Number Formats (7:00)
18: Align Cell Contents (8:45)
19: Applying Styles and Themes (11:43)
20: Conditional Formatting (11:42)
21: Creating and Using Templates (6:13)
22: Preview and Print a Notebook (8:48)
23: Page Layout (15:44)
24: Configure Headers and Footers (12:37)
25: Managing Worksheets (6:32)
26: View Options (10:54)
27: Managing Workbook Properties (4:58)
28: Working with Named Ranges (11:40)
29: Using Named Ranges in Formulas (3:53)
30: Using Specialized Functions (14:13)
31: Working with Logical Functions (13:56)
32: Displaying Formulas
33: Nesting Functions (5:29)
34: Date and Time Functions (3:38)
35: Text Functions (14:34)
36: Sorting Data (5:35)
37: Filtering Data (9:18)
38: Using Database Functions (7:49)
39: Using Subtotals (9:42)
40: Create and Modify Tables (8:16)
41: Manipulating Table Data (3:51)
42: Conditional Formatting Rules (3:52)
43: Using Logical Functions with Conditional Formatting (5:20)
44: Creating Charts (8:37)
45: Modifying and Formatting Charts (9:38)
46: Creating a Dual Axis Chart (7:21)
47: Chart Templates (2:59)
48: Creating a PivotTable (7:15)
49: Formatting Shapes and Objects
50: Analyzing PivotTable Data (9:47)
51: Pivot Charts (6:26)
52: Slicers and Timelines (6:05)
53: Using Links and External References (10:16)
54: Using 3D References (8:58)
55: Consolidating Data (6:15)
56: Using Lookup Functions (12:01)
57: Using Lookup Functions Copy (5:59)
58: Tracing Precedent and Dependent Cells (6:24)
59: Watching and Evaluating Formulas (5:30)
60: Comments and Track Changes (8:23)
61: Comparing and Merging Workbooks (4:48)
62: Accessibility Checker (4:20)
63: Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks (9:51)
64: Applying Data Validation (9:33)
65: Search for Invalid Data (6:41)
66: Working with Macros, Part 1 (11:27)
67: Working with Macros, Part 2 (7:21)
68: Creating Sparklines (4:42)
69: 3D Maps (6:32)
70: Data Tables (6:32)
71: Using Scenarios (4:55)
72: Goal Seek (2:42)
73: Forecasting Data Trends (3:00)
74: Changing Your Display (4:16)
75: Importing Delimited Text Files (3:42)
76: Data Forms and Form Controls (14:22)
77: Calculated Fields and Cube Functions (4:56)

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