Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++)

  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course
  • Become a Professional Programmer (Google GO& C++), Singapore SKillsFuture elarning online course

Course Description

There are endless numbers of programming languages out there, and new ones are added on an almost daily basis. To keep on top of the game and to broaden your skillset, picking up a few of these new languages never hurts.

C++ is the Grandfather of many of the tech world’s programming languages – Java being just one. Learning C++ gives you a head start on learning any other language, and a leg up as far as your employability is concerned. By taking this course, you’ll lay down a solid coding foundation and gain an excellent platform for improving your skills.

Google GO (golang) is the programming language created by one of the largest technology names in the world – Google – so having GO in your arsenal is a surefire way to add to your coding credentials. This course will teach you everything you need to know about GO.

Picking up a few of these new languages never hurts.

- Learn the differences between Google GO and C++
- Know the basics of programming with the different language
- Be able to apply either language into real-time projects
- Know how you can code all the languages

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.

Course Objectives

1. Understand what C++ is about
2. Learn about C++ Data Types and Data Assignments
3. Work on C++ Math Type Conversion, Overflow and Underflow
4. Learn GO fundamentals and apply them in real world scenarios
5. Get to grip with advanced features like GO Language and Concurrency
6. Understand and develop your knowledge of programming fundamentals
7. Build up a knowledge foundation for more advanced programming skills

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C++ Programming - Course Introduction


Course Introduction 

Download Course Files

Language Basics

Preview Available


Data Types

Why does C++ hate Division? Other Relevant Topics 

More basics and Variables/Literals 

More about Data Types and Data Assignment 


Math and Input


Input and more MATH!

Type Conversion, Overflow, and Underflow

Formatting Output

String Manipulation

More MATH!, again

Control Logic

Preview Available


Control Structures

Logical Operators

Conditional Operators and Switch

Looping (while)

Looping (do-while, for)

Google GO - Course Introduction


Introduction to the Course

Download Project Files

Introduction To Go



Why Go



Go Language





Types & Casting

Setting Up Your Local Environment



Functions - Variadic

Functions - Defer

Pointers I



Arrays & Slices


Looping & Ranges - Arrays & Slices

Looping & Ranges - Maps


Expanding Your Go Knowledge



Object Composition

Custom Types

Constructor Function


Multi File Project

Reading and Writing To Files

Encryption and Description

Web Operations

Publishing JSON

Consuming JSON





Go Routines

Channels 1

Channels 2

Channels 3



Course Outro

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
SGD $79.00
(Price excludes GST)
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