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  • SkillsFuture CourseA Video Arts Guide: Customer Service & Sales

    A Video Arts Guide: Customer Service & Sales

    SGD $209.00

    Course Description

    Customer Service & Sales are probably two of the biggest teams in any people-oriented organization or industry. Pick up some of the must-have resources to inspire customer service teams every day in this course. Let the humorous yet educative videos from Video Arts teach you the dos-and-do-nots of working in customer service and in sales.Don't get caught unaware when working in Customer Service & Sales!- Know ways to deal with difficult customers - Learn ways to sell or promote your product - Learn the etiquettes of selling - Know how to promote without being overbearing This course is SkillsFuture Credit Eligible.


  • Essential Online Course - SalesForce 2015: Power User

    Essential Online Course - SalesForce 2015: Power User

    SGD $299.00

    Course Description

    With SalesForce being the most popular CRM in the world, having a strong base of knowledge in SalesForce not only enhances your marketability but also gives you skills that will allow you to be more efficient in day to day use of the software. This course covers all aspects of SalesForce use from beginners level operation to advanced skills for experienced users. Some of the topics included in this course include; contact management, sales force engage, sales collaboration, marketing automation, sales data/reporting and much more. Learn how to master the worlds #1 CRM with this course! Know more about sales with SalesForce! - Learn about the different features in SalesForce - Know about the purpose and functions of SalesForce - Equip yourself with the right skills for marketibilty - Find out more than just sales figures