Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016

  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course
  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course
  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course
  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course
  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course
  • Explore Learning Managing Systems with Moodle 2016, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

Moodle, a Learning Content Management System, is an open-source project that you can install and use anywhere! With Moodle you can train or educate users online using a variety of methods. By virtually connecting to students you can inspire and excite them to learn. This introductory course will address Moodle from an administrative and teaching perspective. Moodle can be a very complex system, but by learning the basic elements, you can create online courses and enroll users so everyone can be a part of the virtual classroom. Take this VTC course and you will not only learn how to add courses and users to Moodle, but you will also learn how to enhance course topics with activities such as databases, wikis, and forums.

Find out how to create online learning content now!

- Learn how Moodle helps to create online learning material
- Know how you can put up learning materials for other to benefit from
- Discover different ways to share knowledge and information
- Utilize the function of Moodle so that it benefits everyone

Course Objectives

1. Understand about the functionality of Moodle 
2. Know the basics of applying Moodle 
3. Know the different aspects of Moodle  - roles and permission, content, page layout 
4. Understand the components for Moodle Teachers - grading, content management 

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Moodle Overview

Moodle Community



Moodle Key Terms




Preview Available



Install Options

Local Installation pt. 1

Local Installation pt. 2

Course Management



Categories pt. 1

Categories pt. 2

Create a Course pt. 1

Create a Course pt. 2

Create a Course pt. 3

Weekly Course Format

Social Course Format

Edit a Category

Edit a Course

Course Requests pt. 1

Course Requests pt. 2

Course Default Settings

Course Completion pt. 1

Course Completion pt. 2



Add a New User pt. 1

Add a New User pt. 2

Add a New User pt. 3

City & Country Defaults

Custom Fields

Browse User List

Bulk User Actions

Bulk Upload Users

User Pictures

Bulk Upload User Pictures


Roles & Permissions



Managing Roles pt. 1

Managing Roles pt. 2

Role Assignments

Role Overrides & Switches

System Context

Front Page Context

Course Context

Block Context

Activity Context

Creating a Parent Role

Assigning Parent to Student

Parent View

Adding a Site Administrator

User Policies

Other Permission Elements

Course Enrollment


Manual Enrollment

Self Enrollment pt. 1

Self Enrollment pt. 2

Enrollment Key

Self Enrollment Settings

Guest Access pt. 1

Guest Access pt. 2

Enrollment by File pt. 1

Enrollment by File pt. 2

Email-based Self Registration

Payment pt. 1

Payment pt. 2

Cohort Enrollment

Moodle Layout


Front Page Settings pt. 1

Front Page Settings pt. 2

Front Page Settings pt. 3

Front Page Administration pt. 1

Front Page Administration pt. 2

Front Page Administration pt. 3


Home Page pt. 1

Home Page pt. 2

Home Page pt. 3

Navigation Block pt. 1

Navigation Block pt. 2

Settings Block



Installing a Theme



Reports pt. 1

Reports pt. 2

Reports pt. 3

Admin Tips


Admin Bookmarks

User Bookmarks

Performance pt. 1

Performance pt. 2

Site-wide Backup

Course Backup & Restore

Login Screen Customization

Import Course Data

Moodle App

Support Contact & Support Page

Site Administration



Advanced Features pt. 1

Advanced Features pt. 2

Advanced Features pt. 3

Advanced Features pt. 4

Advanced Features pt. 5

Grades pt. 1

Grades pt. 2

Location & Language




Introduction to Moodle for Teachers


Navigating Moodle as a Teacher pt. 1

Navigating Moodle as a Teacher pt. 2


Course Settings

Teachers Creating Course Content



News Forum

Assignments pt. 1

Assignments pt. 2

Assignments pt. 3



Database pt. 1

Database pt. 2

Forums pt. 1

Forums pt. 2

Forums pt. 3


Lesson pt. 1

Lesson pt. 2

Lesson pt. 3

Quiz pt. 1

Quiz pt. 2




Activities Block


Grade Administration


Grades pt. 1

Grades pt. 2

Highlighting Grades



Grade Letters

Scales pt. 1

Scales pt. 2

Outcomes pt. 1

Outcomes pt. 2

Question Bank pt. 1

Question Bank pt. 2

Teacher Tips


Switching Roles

Backup pt. 1

Backup pt. 2

Keeping Students Interested

Your Profile

Groups pt. 1

Groups pt. 2

Moodle Tips


Prevent Course Settings Editing

Google Analytics

Moodle Quick & Easy


Resource Files

Course Wrap Up



About the Author

  • Duration 8 hr 0 mins
  • Skill level All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Tag(s) eLearning Design

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