Essential Online Course - Mastering Your iPhone

Essential Online Course - Mastering Your iPhone, Singapore elarning online course

Course Description

In this class we cover it all from button functions, screen gestures and settings, to sending and receiving messages and emails and finding, adding and creating contacts. Plus, you’ll learn to utilize everything from navigation and maps to taking great pictures and video. And we’ll give you tons of little tips and tricks that will surprise even the most seasoned user so you can show them up for a change.

Upgrade your tech knowledge!

- Keep up to date with the latest technology
- Learn the features and functions of iPhone
- Know more about navigating your iPhone system

Course Objectives

  1. Learn about the features of iPhone
  2. Know how the features work in iPhone
  3. Be equipped with the skills to use iPhone system 
  4. Learn in depth of the basic functions on iPhone

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Mastering Your iPhone

  • Module 1: iPhone Basics
    • 1.1 Iphone Intro
    • 1.2 The Basics
  • Module 2: The Screen
    • 2.1 The Screen Pt. 1
    • 2.2 The Screen Pt. 2
    • 2.3 The Screen Pt. 3
    • 2.4 The Screen Pt. 4
  • Module 3: The Keyboard
    • 3.1 Basic Keyboard
    • 3.2 Advanced Keyboard
  • Module 4: Basic Calls and Settings
    • 4.1 Making a Call
    • 4.2 Settings Pt. 1
    • 4.3 Settings Pt. 2
  • Module 5: Contacts
    • 5.1 Contacts Pt. 1
    • 5.2 Contacts Pt. 2
  • Module 6: Phone Calls
    • 6.1 Phone Calls Pt. 1
    • 6.2 Phone Calls Pt. 2
    • 6.3 Phone Calls Pt. 3
    • 6.4 Advanced Phone Calls
  • Module 7: Messaging
    • 7.1 Texting Pt. 1
    • 7.2 Texting Pt. 2
    • 7.3 Advanced Texting Pt. 1
    • 7.4 Advanced Texting Pt. 2
    • 7.5 Message Settings
  • Module 8: Web
    • 8.1 Web Pt. 1
    • 8.2 Web Pt. 2
    • 8.3 Web Pt. 3
  • Module 9: Email
    • 9.1 Email Pt. 1
    • 9.2 Email Pt. 2
    • 9.3 Multiple Email Accounts
    • 9.4 Email Settings
  • Module 10: Siri
    • 10.1 Siri
  • Module 11: Music
    • 11.1 Music Pt. 1
    • 11.2 Music Pt. 2
  • Module 12: Photos and Video
    • 12.1 Camera Functions
    • 12.2 Photography Settings
    • 12.3 Edit Photos
    • 12.4 Share Photos
    • 12.5 Video Functions
  • Module 13: Maps
    • 13.1 Apple Maps
  • Module 14: Conclusion
    • 14.1 Application Management
    • 14.2 Misc Pt. 1
    • 14.3 Misc Pt. 2
    • 14.4 Conclusion
  • Duration 7 hr 15 mins
  • Skill level All Levels
  • Languages English

SGD $299.00
(Price excludes GST)
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